I have never thought that something like this could happen in such a modern and innovative world. I have never felt before like I feel now. 
My apartment is like a box, and I am all alone in it. I am starting to get used to this reality. We have to rethink our values and priorities. When you lack something, you better realize the importance of it. Family, friends, work, etc. I miss many things which seemed ordinary, just a couple of days before.
This is a story about me as an extrovert person who is self-isolated in her room because of the coronavirus pandemic. The girl spends time alone and accepts the situation, whatever it may be.
The allegory with the wooden toy illustrates a man who is in a cage himself and cannot find a place for himself at this time. It’s about the man who tried to save time to devote to the work that pleases him. When he has no choice, he does not know where to direct his strength and energy. He gets lost in everyday life.
It is extremely difficult for a man to accept himself, it is difficult for him to be under the pressure of various obstacles on the way to freedom.
This project is about two different approaches to isolation.
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