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Anastasiia Zazuliak is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. She was born in Ternopil, Ukraine in 1999. She had an interest in drawing and photography since childhood. 
When she was 9 her parents signed her up for art school. During 4 years of studies, she had been learning how to work with composition, light, and color. When Anastasiia was 10 she received as a gift a little point-and-shoot camera from her dad. She would gather her friends in a schoolyard and take photos of them. 
During her teenage years, Anastasiia was a member of the children’s photography studio “Iks-pozycia”. Since then she has become very active in the photographic community and participated in many photography events (International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2015, 7th All-Ukrainian photo competition «Philanthropy in Focus», Siena International Photo Award, etc.). 
Anastasia's story in Poland started back in 2018. She was an exchange student at The University of Łódź and then became a teacher in an international summer program for children “Creative Summer” organized by Aardvark Arts Foundation. 
Anastasiia was documenting how the people are fleeing Ukraine because of the war, how people rebuilt their homes in Bucha and Irpin, how her school became home for more than 100 displaced people, and how regular people in her city of Ternopil suffer from the lack of electricity, heating, and stable Internet connection. 
Anastasiia Zazuliak is a graduate of the Canon Student Development Program 2022 (Module 2) and an alumnus of the VII Academy program (Levels 1 and 2). Her work has been exhibited in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, the USA, Germany, and other countries. Her interests oscillate around: people, identity, migration, trauma, and childhood. In May 2023 Anastasiia became a recipient of the W/E Lab Foundation Fellowship from OP ENHEIM Foundation and was selected to be a student for Eddie Adams Workshop XXXVI. 
She is currently working on her personal photography project related to the topic of dermatillomania. Anastasiia works as a freelance photographer for individual clients and organizations.​​​​​​​
Photos by Alex Pilkevych
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