This is a report with the stories of the inhabitants of the cities of Irpin and Bucha, which were heavily damaged during the Russian occupation from February to April 2022.
After the Russians left the occupied cities, people began to return to their homes. Fortunately, they saved their lives, but they lost their home.
The first story is the story of Ivan Vasyliovych (72), a lonely old man who had his own private house in Irpin. He lived in this house with his wife, who died a few years ago. The grandchildren often visited their grandparents' house and had picnics in the garden. Now Ivan Vasyliovych lives in a wagon that the mayor of the city and the railway station built for the inhabitants of Irpin who lost their homes and have nowhere to live.
Another story concerns the residents of a block of flats on Vokzalna Street in Bucha, which was severely attacked. Their apartments were heavily damaged and they are trying to rebuild them on their own and with the help of relatives and volunteers.
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